M418PNGThe M4.18 is a very high power, high SPL quad subwoofer system.

Using a hybrid horn loading technology, we have achieved significant increase in the SPL capabilities of the system with no sacrifice to the low end extension, and managed to create a system that can easily replace and outperform a stack of 4 conventional 2×18 inch reflex loaded boxes while using half the required amplifier power. This will gain significant investment savings for the customers.

The system is loaded with 4 heavy duty 18 inch 3600W AES power handling low frequency transducers with 135 mm (5.3 in) split winding four layers ISV aluminum voice coil, weather protected carbon fiber reinforced cellulose cone and aluminium demodulating ring for reduced distortion. The advanced technology implemented in this driver is making it a very unique and one its kind, placing it directly to the very top in today’s transducer industry.

M4.18 quad subwoofer system has a combined sensitivity of 112db 1w/1m boasting incredible 153db of peak SPL.

Having all this in place it makes the system very capable of covering the most demanding subwoofer application.

Designed as a companion subwoofer for our M28LA line array box, it is equipped with an interlock mechanism making the ground stacking very fast and secure.




Usable bandwidth (-3db):

35Hz-200Hz (M4.18 DSP settings)
Nominal directivity (-6db):
Maximum system SPL:
153db (M4.18 DSP settings) calculated for 4 boxes based on 106db 1W/1m sensitivity per element.
RMS handling capacity:
3600W per element or 14400W per quad stack
18 inch driver with 135 mm (5.3 in) split winding four layers ISV aluminum voice coil
Nominal impedance:
Passive 4 or 8ohm
Polyester powder coated steel. (for M28LA ground stack application only)
WxHxD 700x580x900mm, Weight: 62kg

Baltic birch plywood. Connectors: 2x Neutrik Nl4 Speakon


Black textured water based coating