R15 is a high impact, high SPL multipurpose box.

In a very compact and light weight enclosure of only 28kg it packs incredible 133db of peak SPL.

Fully equipped with premium BMS OEM components it can handle 500W AES, 1000W program power with 2000W of peak power handling.

Very robust 3 inch voice coil 15 inch driver handling the low frequency features a triple demodulating ring neodymium magnet structure, providing unparalleled low level of harmonic distortion.

HF is covered by a 1.75 inch voice coil 1 inch throat HF driver. The polyester annular ring cone makes it able to handle the lower frequency spectrum with much less stress then the standard dome shaped metal diaphragm but in the same time effortlessly provide the very high frequency sparkle making the HF very smooth sounding.

Its operating frequency range covers the range between 55Hz and 20Khz with +/- 2db variation from 200Hz to 18000Hz using the factory specified processing.

It comes with 90×40 or 60×40 degrees of dispersion.


Usable bandwidth (-3db):

55Hz-20KHz (G15 DSP settings)
Nominal directivity (-6db):
optinal 90×40 or 60×40 degrees
Maximum system SPL:
Power handling capacity:
500W AES, 1000W programe, 2000W peak

Recommended amplifer power:

*500 – 1000W at 8 ohms
LF: Custom BMS 15inch woofer with 3 inch voice coil and triple demodulating ring

HF: Custom BMS 1 inch HF driver with 1.7 inch voice coil and polyester annular diaphragm
Nominal impedance:
Passive 8ohm
8 M10 fly points
WxHxD 716x450x455mm, Weight: 28kg

Baltic birch plywood. Connectors: 2x Neutrik Nl4 Speakon


Black textured water based coating

* Program power is calculated as 3db higher then the AES power. Note that most of the modern electronic music does not allow high dynamics. For compressed music material we do not recommend using more then 800W of clean not clipped signal using 50Hz 24db BW high pass filter.