Axios One

Axios One is a hybrid horn loaded two way passive (bi-amp) point source element.

Combining two different loading techniques, we managed to achieve better low end extension while still maintaining very high sensitivity.

The system features two 10 inch low frequency drivers with 2.5 inch voice coils that are both front horn loaded and reflex tuned.
The multi-cell horn provides seamless inter-element coupling within the box it self and with the other boxes when cluster stacked.

HF is covered by two 1.75 inch voice coil 1 inch throat HF driver. The polyester annular ring cone makes it able to handle the lower frequency spectrum with much less stress then the standard dome shaped metal diaphragm, but in the same time effortlessly provide the very high frequency sparkle making the HF very smooth sounding.


Technical specification (Preliminary)

Usable bandwidth (-3db):
96Hz-20KHz (Axios One DSP settings)
Nominal directivity (-6db):
Horizontal: 60×40 degree
Maximum system SPL:
143db based on 109db 1W/1m box sensitivity (Axios One DSP settings)
RMS handling capacity:
Recommended amplifier:
800-1200W at 8 ohms per channel
LF: 2×10 inch drivers
HF: 2×1 inch drivers
Crossover frequency:
Nominal impedance:
8 ohm (16ohm optional)
M10 flying points
Flying hardware accessories available
WxHxD 520x800x600mm, Weight: 42kg
Baltic birch plywood
2x Neutrik Nl4 Speakon
Black textured water based coating

MM-acoustics reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice.